The vast majority of collagen's catalytic work is best conducted by the body at night during sleep. Sleep is not an interruption of activity but indeed another form of activity. It is indispensable for the recovery. Research proved that a large part of the essential metabolic work in the repair of the body takes place when we sleep.

Sleep is divided in several phases. Our body is recovering in phase 2 and 3 of our sleep but it works a lot more in the first phase called Alpha phase. So, it's during the Alpha phase that our body has all its capacity to regenerate. In the alpha phase, our system searches for available amino acids and nutrients to transform them into essential elements for our body. The sleep cycle repeats itself several times over many hours.

The ability to convert collagen into bio-digestible elements takes place while we sleep. So, in order to develop muscles, tendons, ligaments and to rebuild and repair organs and skin, the body must go through a process of protein synthesis that happens precisely in Alpha phase.

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