Skin Renewal

Rejuvenates and revitalises skin cells hair and nails, smoothes out wrinkles, increases the skins youthful plumpness by assisting in replacing elasticity, and improving the skin's firmness, which can contribute to slowing down the process of aging.

75% of human skin consists of collagen which contributes to the youthful appearance in young and healthy skin. In our late 20's the ability of the body to produce collagen begins to decrease, most significantly in the skin. This is a factor leading to the decrease skin elasticity and the formation of wrinkles. With the reduced ability of the body to produce collagen, this lessens the skins ability to retain nutrients and water, thus getting thinner and leading to the skin beginning to wrinkle. Independent research has shown significant improvements in skin health with increased moisture levels, plumpness, wrinkle reduction, and pore size after regular supplementation with collagen.

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