Collagen: Youth and Health

Collagen is naturally produced by the body. It is vital to the body's functioning because it is the tie that binds! The body's use of collagen cannot be overstated. It makes up the body's joints, muscles, hair, skin, tendons, and ligaments. It provides the structure to our body and forms the molecular cables that strengthen the tendons. Collagen makes up the vast resilient sheets that support our skin and internal organs. Bones and teeth are formed when the body adds mineral crystal to the body's collagen.

Collagen fibres are woven together like pieces of fabric to form a network in which new cells grow and reproduce. Any time the body need to build new cells, such as in the healing or growing process, collagen plays the central role. Collagen is the substance that protects and supports the softer tissue of the body, and it is what connects them to our skeleton. In other words, collagen is both the material and the glue that holds our body together.

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