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Rejuvenate & Revitalise with ProCol

Collagen is the main structural component of your skin and as we age, our bodies naturally produce less. This results in visible aging of the skin.
ProCol Collagen brings you a pure hydrolysed collagen supplement to:
 > Rejuvenate and revitalise skin cells
 > Help smooth wrinkles
 > Help repair lost elasticity and provide firmness of the skin.

ProCol Collagen rejuvenates and revitalises your skin and helps repair and strengthen your joints...

ProCol Collagen Benefits

  • Rejuvenates and revitalizes skin cells
  • Helps to smooth wrinkles, replaces lost elasticity & provides “firmness” in the skin
  • Helps to improve the appearance of “cellulite”
  • Improves skin elasticity and youthful “plumpness” of the skin
  • Soothes joint discomfort and increases mobility
  • Promotes re-growth of cartilage
  • Supports muscle tissue recovery
  • Helps regulate sleep patterns


We've put together a list of frequently asked questions explaining how ProCol can help with all your collagen needs...

Collagen is a protein that is an important part of our physical make up. Its job is to provide connective tissue for our joints, tendons, muscles and even our skin and bones.

So basically, collagen is what holds us together. It is collagen that gives young people their trim and smooth look. But like other aspects of aging, when we grow older, natural collagen production in our bodies decline.

Hence, our skin sags as do our muscles. The loss of collagen also affects our joints causing those "aches and pains" that are a common complaint when we get older.

Collagen supplements are a great way to return a lot of that youthful elasticity and tightness to all aspects of our physical make up.

It can restore limberness in joints and muscles so when you exercise, you get better results. It can also help with skin care programs restoring some of the skins resistance to wrinkles and sagging.

So in general collagen is a beneficial supplement that helps us fight back against the ravages of aging.

Rejuvenates and revitalises skin cells hair and nails, smoothes out wrinkles, increases the skins youthful plumpness by assisting in replacing elasticity, and improving the skin's firmness, which can contribute to slowing down the process of aging.

75% of human skin consists of collagen which contributes to the youthful appearance in young and healthy skin. In our late 20's the ability of the body to produce collagen begins to decrease, most significantly in the skin. This is a factor leading to the decrease in skin elasticity and the formation of wrinkles. With the reduced ability of the body to produce collagen, this lessens the skins ability to retain nutrients and water, thus getting thinner and leading the skin to begin wrinkling. Independent research has shown significant improvements in skin health with increased moisture levels, plumpness, wrinkle reduction, and pore size after regular supplementation with collagen.

Reduces inflammation, rebuilds damaged cartilage, soothes joint discomfort, rebuilds damaged bone tissue, increases bone density and strength.

Collagen is extremely important to bone and joint health. Certain type of arthritis can cause cartilage in joints to lose its elasticity and eventually begin to wear away in the areas that see the most movement causing tendons and ligaments to stretch to fill in for the missing cartilage, causing pain and discomfort. If left untreated it could result in leaving the bones to rub against one another. One of the four basic substances of joint cartilage is collagen, and is a key component of building and strengthening cartilage and can also be found in the surrounding tendons. Collagen helps to rebuild the lost cartilage, reducing the pain and stiffness, increasing the mobility of the joints.

Supports muscle and skeletal repair, improves joint mobility and flexibility, as well as accelerating recovery time.

Collagen which is a naturally occurring substance normally accounting for 30% of the body's protein, which assists the body to repair damaged tissue. Collagen supplementation leads to the reduction in the duration of the time taken to recover from injuries. Collagen is often referred to as the connective tissue protein that works like "scaffolding", thus by strengthening the support structure of the body, which reduces the occurrence and re-occurrence of injuries.

The vast majority of collagen's catalytic work is best conducted by the body at night during sleep. Sleep is not an interruption of activity but indeed another form of activity. It is indispensable for the recovery. Research proved that a large part of the essential metabolic work in the repair of the body takes place when we sleep.

Sleep is divided in several phases. Our body is recovering in phase 2 and 3 of our sleep but it works a lot more in the first phase called Alpha phase. So, it's during the Alpha phase that our body has all its capacity to regenerate. In the alpha phase, our system searches for available amino acids and nutrients to transform them into essential elements for our body. The sleep cycle repeats itself several times over many hours.

The ability to convert collagen into bio-digestible elements takes place while we sleep. So, in order to develop muscles, tendons, ligaments and to rebuild and repair organs and skin, the body must go through a process of protein synthesis that happens precisely in Alpha phase.

Product Specifications: 90 Capsules, White in Colour
Dosage and Directions: Take 3 capsules at night before bed time
Supplement Facts Active Ingredients:
Hydrolysed Collgen Powder Mg per Capsule:

Over 90% of the collagen in the body are type I, II, III, and IV.

Collagen I: skin, tendon, vascular, ligature, organs, bone (main component of bone)
Collagen II: cartilage (main component of cartilage)
Collagen III: reticulate (main component of reticular fibers), commonly found alongside type I.
Collagen IV: forms bases of cell basement membrane
Collagen V: is found in tissues containing type I collagen and appears to regulate the assembly of heterotypic fibers composed of both type I and type V collagen

ProCol contains type I, II, III, IV and V of which type II is the highest percentage.

This product is 100% Bovine Collagen and is free from any bovine disease.

Seek medical advice if allergic to protein or during pregnancy & lactation.

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We began our journey in 2008 formulating and manufacturing health supplements designed for the New Zealand market. Our range of products are currently being sold throughout New Zealand in health stores and pharmacies as well independent and retail wholesalers worldwide. 

Our Vision
With our vision, Quality is a way of Life we are dedicated to providing premium products, supported by the latest in cutting edge research and clinical studies. Setting high standards, our quality products are natural dietary supplements designed to live life to the fullest. 


Procollagen Quality & Social Responsibily
ProCollagen is formulated and manufactured at a GMP certified site.
ProCollagen regards the protection of consumer health in the upmost importance. ProCollagen products contain only raw ingredients that are manufactured with GMP certification and stringent quality standards. 


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